You will need the diamond fill and the sparkle tube. You can download them here

Open a new page 450 x 250 transparent and click on the text tool

Chose your font and make it either 72 or 48 depending on what fits on the layer - use the preview lock to see the image below. I use two colors for the font depending on whether I want an old gold or new gold look. For old gold use #C0C000, for new gold use #E7B539. Make sure u click standard text and have floating checked.

Click copy. The inner bevel using these settings. (I actually have the diamond sig bevel settings saved as a preset since I use it a lot).

Select none then save this as a picture tube. Give it a temp name so u can find it and delete it later. To save as a picture tube, click on "File", then "Export, then "Picture Tube"

When the export picture tube comes up - set the step size to 1 and name your tube.

Click on the selection tool - Rectangle - surround the font and press delete.

Select none. Add a new layer.

Find the tube you just made and slowly click and drag it down and to the right to build a 3D name - you may have to undo and do this several times to get it as you want it.