Tutorial Created by Calamity Jane

First, you need a wide font like Broadway, which can be downloaded here:


You'll also need an animation you like. The best animations for this sig are animations that go from side to side. Here are a few you might like to use:

Download here

Download here

Download here

Download here

Download here

Download here


Step One

Open your animation in Jasc Animation Shop. Click on a frame of your animation and copy it (Ctrl-C).

Step Two

Open up Jasc Paint Shop Pro and paste in your frame (Ctrl-V).

Step Three

Press the delete key once. You should now have an empty PSP file the same size as your animation.

Step Four

Using your text tool and Broadway or another wide font, type your text, vector and antialias checked, in the largest size that will fit in your image. I used font size 60.

Step Five

Use the vector handles to size your text to fill the space.

Step Six

Deselect (Ctrl-D). Then go to Layers > Convert to Raster Layer.

Step Seven

Don't forget this next step! Select All (Ctrl-A), then float your selection (Ctrl-F) to get the 'marching ants' around your text. Go to Selections > Save to Alpha Channel and click okay twice to save.