Pen signatures look very effective especially when used to sign emails. As well as using the classic pen and quill as writing implements, more unusual tools can be used such as angels, witches and cats. It really is up to your own imagination.

Remember when making an image to be used for a pen signature, that it should have an element that points e.g. a broom stick end or a tail, and shouldnt be overly large.

With this tutorial I have provided a few of the more classic writing implements that can be downloaded.

I would suggest that you create a folder just for writing tools so that they are easily accessible and all in the same place



Click an image to download it


Step One

Open a blank image 500 x 500 to give you plenty of space to work.

Flood fill the background with the white or a color of your choice.


Step Two

Add a layer and add the text of your choice. Try not to make the text font too curly as that will make the signature creation more difficult, but some flourish looks quite good.

It is also a good idea not to make a pen signature for a name that is too long as the file size will be very large.


Step Two

If you want to add bevel and shadow do so now but dont make the shadow more than 2 vertical and horizontal as this makes it more difficult to control.


Step Three

Open the writing tool in PSP and copy it then paste it as a new layer to your image. Do not worry if the pen image has a colored background which will happen if it is a .gif image. All you are doing at this stage is getting the size of the pen so that when you crop your image you have enough space to include the whole pen.

Place the pen at the farthest right of the name with the point of the pen level with the highest point of the name.

This is so that you can measure how much space you will need for the pen at the highest and furthest right of the name before you crop the image. (This image has been cropped a little for convenience on the page)


Step Four

Crop the image leaving a small border around the pen and name.


Step Five

Delete the pen layer and merge the remaining two layers.

Save as psp image.


Step Six

Open Animation Shop.

Open the pen image and the text to be written in Animation Shop.


Step Seven

Right click on the pen frame and select "Duplicate Selected".

Continue to do this till you see you have about 65 frames, then click on the last one to deselect the others.


Step Eight

Right click on the first frame of your text animation and select "Frame Properties".

Change the "Display Time" to 20